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Pure Bred Beefmasters for Sale

The Flying V has a range of bulls, cow-calf pairs, cows and calves for sale private treaty to buyers looking to build their herd.

Current availability includes: 

– Bulls – Age range 1-

– Bred & Open Cows – Age range 3-6

– Heifers – 1 & 2 year old

– Cow-Calf Pairs

Showings are Fridays by appointment only at the home ranch outside of Franklin, Tx off of Highway 79.

Call Dr. Matthew Dikeman at 979 820 1251 or email at for information and appointments.


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A Pictoral History of Flying V Beefmaster Herd Bulls

"Tom" the Flying V's original Beefmaster herd bull brought from the Lasater Ranch in 1980

The history of any herd can never be separated from the current and signature bulls of the herd.  The Flying V Beefmasters is no exception.  The Flying V’s original Hereford herd bulls from the 1970s like Mischief and Junior, gave way in the 1980s to a long string of signature pure bred Beefmasters herd sires, some acquired from the Lasater Ranch, some Flying V Bred and some AI bred to Lasater Ranch bulls.    

 The Flying V Beefmaster tradition started with one bull, “Tom”, a tall, fast moving bull bought at the 1980 Lasater Ranch Field Day, and followed by an even more select bull “Gary”, shorter, broader and heavier with a very gentle disposition, brought to the ranch in 1985.  Later “#9” in the 1990s was one of the first Flying V raised AI bulls to make the grade over Lasater Ranch acquisitions, and since then Flying V Texas bred, AI bred, and retired Lasater herd bulls have competed. 

"#9", a home grown Flying V bull bred AI in the late 1990s

Through its history the ranch selected for the Lasater 6 Essentials, with a extra keen eye towards gentleness and workability, and ability to handle the Texas heat, with a slight bias toward polled cattle.  The herd is routinely improved through AI, and select acquisition of herd bulls and cows, almost always straight from the Lasater Ranch.  

The latest addition from Lasater Ranch, a retired Lasater Herd Bull

We’ve  brought together a brief pictoral history of some of our favorites, and those whose genes anchored our herd, and several of the current bulls.    





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